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In the Talking Statues app, you will find a map of Vilnius and the location of all the Talking Statues. The app will guide you on how to get there and also provide you with background information on each statue with text and video. The app has a built in QR Scanner so when you find the statue you just need to scan it to make it talk!

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Simply walk up to a Talking Statue, swipe your smartphone on the nearby tag and voilà – you have an incoming call! It might be legendary American singer Frank Zappa on the line… or the world-renowned 20th century French writer Romain Gary… or Gediminas, the medieval Grand Duke of Lithuania… calling you to share their intriguing stories!

The statues have already been brought to life in Copenhagen (2013), London and Manchester (2014). In 2015, Vilnius became the fourth city in the chain, soon joined by San Diego and Chicago. It seems the spread is not going to stop! The projects in Copenhagen and San Diego were made by True Stories ApS, while in London, Manchester and Chicago – by Sing London.

Talking Statues free app for Vilnius. Use the free app to find the Talking Statues

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