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In the Talking Statues app, you will find a map of Parma and the location of all the Talking Statues. The app will guide you on how to get there and also provide you with background information on each statue with text and video. The app has a built in QR Scanner so when you find the statue you just need to scan it to make it talk!

The project made by Paola Greci, involved pupils of Parma high schools who under the leadership of a Scientific Committee have developed the text of the talking statues whose voices have been lent by a large number of important actors of the Italian theatre and cinema.

A route through 16 statues of Parma‚Äôs squares and gardens : Arianna, Gruppo del Sileno, Giuseppe Verdi (that has 2 statues), Vittorio Bottego, La Vittoria, Il Parmigianino, Enzo Sicuri, Il Partigiano, Padre Lino, Filippo Corridoni, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Il Correggio, Ercole e Anteo sia Arturo Toscanini.

The full route of 16 statues is about 4 km to walk (around 3 hours) or by bicycle the typical means of transport of the inhabitants of Parma, while the circuit of the old town that includes 9 statues is about 1 km (around 1 hour).

Talking Statues free app for Parma. Use the free app to find the Talking Statues


Parma TALKING STATUES free app