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In the talking statues app, you will find a map of London and the location of all the talking statues. The app will guide you on how to get there and also provide you with background information on each statue with text and video. The app has a built-in QR Scanner so when you find the statue you just need to scan it to make it talk!

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Sing have commissioned some of the nation's most celebrated writers and actors to animate public statues across London Pass a Talking Statue, swipe your phone on a nearby tag and hey presto: your phone rings. And it's Queen Victoria on the line... or Peter Pan... or Sherlock Holmes...Using drama, humour and location technology, Talking Statues breathes new life into the statues that surround us all.

get background stories and videos for every statue in the app

Here is an app to find the talking statues in London. Use the free app to find the talking statues

FIND THE TALKING STATUES IN London WITH GPS - get route and distance