No electricity or power is needed. It only requires the User having Internet access and a QR-scanner installed. It works on all smart phones such as iPhones, Windows Phones, Androids, etc., and on all tablets. Please contact us if you have any problems - press here

To scan a QR code you must have a QR reader/scanner (which can be downloaded for free) on your smartphone.  The plastic sign at the statue will contain a QR code and then you just scan it and the statue will talk to you.


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Want to test it? - The sign below is active!

The sign below is from our New York Project and you will hear Peter Stuyvesant talk. In order to test it, you need to download a QR scanner on your smartphone, if you don't already have one already. Otherwise, visit Google Play or iTunes, you will find many different versions there for free. When you have a QR scanner on your phone you simply scan the code below to see how it works. In the case below Peter Stuyvesant speaks both Dutch and English and you have to choose!


By swiping the NFC chip and scanning the QR code, the system will be activated, and the User will receive a call from the statues in front of him/her. The User then has to decide if he/she wants to receive a phone call from e.g. Gandhi, who will then talk in a pre-recorded message about himself and his story. 

If you dont want to download a QR scanner you will find a web address on the sign at the statue - you can also just the we address into your smartphone browser and then it will work just as well. It is very easy...