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Pass a Talking Statue: your phone rings. And it's Christopher Columbus on the line... or Abraham Lincoln, Joan of Arc... or Elizabeth Cady Stanton...You just need to download this app and then walk close to a talking statue and it will call you up and talk to you!

The app maps all the Talking Statues and you will also find background information about the statues with text, video and assignments for students. You can also use this app to take selfies to share with your friends. And when you visit 10 talking statues you will receive a reward!

All features

• Navigate with Google Map and find the Talking Statues
• GPS activation of Talking Statues
• QR scanner for activation of Talking Statues with QR codes
• Background information about statues with text and video
• Selfie camera with share options
• Student assignments
• Discover local restaurants, museums, and activities that matter to you

The Talking Statues project was started in Copenhagen in 2013 giving voices to statues through the use of modern technology. It is now running in Copenhagen, Helsinki, London, San Diego, Berlin, Dublin, Chicago, New York etc.

We hope you will enjoy using this app and wish you a fascinating journey.

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