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Are you ready to get into the "green circle" and talk with a statue in New York? We launch the new Talking Statues 2.0 next week!

Produced by Bertha Media  

New York

– The Talking Statues project, which brings together internationally acclaimed authors and actors to give voice to carefully selected statues. 


 For the first time in the United States and thanks to the magic of technology, all you need is a smart phone to awaken two statues in San Diego.  With a swipe of your phone over a sign at the statue of a QR code...

Talking Statues Revitalize History


First we work with the you to choose the statues that you would like us to get talking and then we start writing the monologues and get the technical device ready for transmission to the mobile phones...  


​The original idea: Let the statues talk, when a code is scanned on the statue. The project was launched for the first time in Copenhagen in by David Fox .The team behind Talking Statues are professionals from the film business.